Tech help for world-helpers.

We offer caring, clued-in web technology consulting and development to social ventures.

Yep, I need that

Good tech help is hard to find

Saving the world can be tricky. Especially if your plan involves web technology. Conventional tech firms often know very little about social ventures, so they struggle to:

  • Match technology to underlying mission and strategy
  • Work with rapid iteration and change in early-stage ventures
  • Minimize project cost and complexity in cash-tight environments

Too often, the result is inefficiency and conflict—and an end product that fails to further the venture's mission.

We get it

We're social entrepreneurs and web technologists who want nothing more than to help you make the right decisions online, so you can create the change you're passionate about.

We have a combined fifteen years of experience making wonderful things online—and ten years in the trenches of our own social venture. We'd love to share what we've learned for your benefit.

Stay in the loop as we launch!

We've been in technology consulting for a long time, but Happy Bracket itself is brand-new. We need to let some of the paint dry before we start taking clients.

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