Work With Us

Work with us

If you’re working with us for the first time, there’s only one thing we sell: Our $699 “Pathfinder” consulting package. It includes:

  • Up to four 45-minute meetings with the Happy Bracket team.
  • As much supplementary research as necessary to fully understand your technology options.
  • A full written report, containing:
    • A precise description of the viable technical paths forward.
    • For each option: a time and financial cost estimate, incorporating a description of its technical complexity, the personnel you’ll need to engage and their market rate, and the likely time investment by your staff.
    • Clear recommendations and decision points based on our analysis of your strategic situation.
    • Additional suggestions on marrying technology to your venture’s underlying vision and strategy.

Free 30-Minute Initial Consultation

We will:

  1. Understand in detail your vision, mission, strategic situation, and the technical questions you face.
  2. Explain the help we’ll offer you through the Pathfinder package.
  3. Walk you through the conceptual frameworks we’ll use, and offer you a preview of the report we’ll generate as our main deliverable.

Financial Assistance

The Pathfinder package costs $699. We believe this price is within reach for most social ventures looking to improve their technology presence, and we know our help will save you thousands of dollars in both direct and implied financial costs. However, if you are unable to pay the full cost, we will not turn you away because of price if we believe in your mission.

If you need them, some options for reducing or mitigating our price include:

    1. Interest-free payment plans
    2. A “refer-a-friend” arrangement, with a specific savings worked out for each referral
    3. Teaming up to create detailed case studies that we can use as promotional material

If you intend to take advantage of these options, mention this in our initial consultation, and we’ll make a plan together before moving forward.